Gundam Build Divers – New Gundam Series announced by Sunrise!

by John Francis Matilde

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Gundam fans rejoice as Sunrise reveals new Gundam Anime for Spring this year 2018.

Directed by Shinya Watada of Gundam Build Fighters Try and written by Noboru Kimura (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Zoids Fuzors, etc), the latest series, Gundam Build Divers (ガンダムビルドダイバーズ) will be introducing the franchise as a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online or VRMMO Game called “Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN)” unlike the previous series (Gundam Build Fighters) which focuses on GunPla or Gundam model kits.

The first teaser was released last December 2017 with the title, “Gundam Build Next Battle Project” and a prologue ONA (Original Net Animation) was aired last February 2, 2018, the same day of it’s official reveal in The Gundam Base Tokyo.

See the list of cast below:

Featured Mobile Suits:

Gundam Build Divers prologue description by Sunrise:

“The Gunpla Force Battle Tournament is a big event held in GBN once per year. Competing in the final round are Avalon, led by the champion Kyoya Kujo, and the elite 7th Panzer Division led by the cunning Rommel. Starting with Kyoya’s Gundam AGE II Magnum, a variety of Gunpla take to the field to determine which is the strongest force!”

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