Featured Artist – Vhenyfire

by Kimiko Aliazas

Good day or night to you guys! I’m back with a featured artist to boot. I’ve been thinking of having a big variety of articles in the website you see, so I had this in mind for some time. Away from the topic ahead at this very moment, you know how easy it is when you plan stuff ahead of the time you’re going to do it? It’s really handy especially when you’re on a tight schedule. (Like me who’s been up busy because of school work as I am writing this part) So as an advice from me to you, always plan ahead no matter how big or small this thing you’re going to do.

Now, going back to the topic of our article, I give you… Vhenyfire ! I was really thrilled for her to respond to me asking if I could get an interview. As some of you dear readers may not know, Vhenyfire makes Gijinka/s (or Moe Gijinka, a Japanese term translated as anthropomorphism, the personification of a thing, animal, god) of known establishments here in the Philippines. She already made a lot of them, to name a few of the Gijinkas, our Mercury Drug Store, Watsons, The Generics Pharmacy, and there’s the convenience stores such as 7-11, and Mini Stop. I love how she depicts each and every one of them as individual people, like their work is alive.

Here’s a few pictures of them. Please note that the pictures used in this article has been permitted by the artist herself.

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So yeah, I asked a set of questions and you might find the answers amusing. Of course, I’m not going to keep you waiting, so here they are!

Question 1: What inspires you to draw?

V: Everyone inspires me from their love and support~

Question 2: In all of your artworks, what would you say is your favorite?

V: I love drawing my OCs, and I often draw them in doodle style (sketch/dirty line-art with coloring)

Question 3: What part of drawing is hardest for you?

V: Maybe in detailed clothings. But if you have confidence, has a bunch of ideas, and you really like what you draw, for you, it is not hard at all.

Question 4: What is your distinguishable trait/s that help your viewers know that this is art is yours?

V: Maybe the face, since many of my supporters distinguishes my art because of the face.

Question 5: As we saw your cover music video of the song ‘Titibo-tibo’, would we be seeing more of these type of art?

V: Of course, but maybe I will continue the next animation this coming summer~

Question 6: Can you give us a sneak peek of your on-going art at this moment?

V: (She gave me a picture of her latest work)

vhenyfire, gijinka, artist, art, moe gijinka, deviantart, LittleMissMii

And there you have it! She answered me via Messenger by the way. You can see more of her artworks in Facebook and Deviant Art:



What do you think of her latest artwork? Will it be a story of love? We may know about it soon, not to mention that summer vacation is almost here. I can actually almost feel the love of the two characters in the picture, and at the same time, I’m a bit jealous. Who wouldn’t want to meet their prince charming, right? I sure do hope I get to meet mine. Of course that goes the same to my dear readers too! I wish you all the best in finding that true love we’ve all been waiting for.

Sadly for me and maybe for a few of you, this article ends right here, but I do hope you all get to enjoy the featured artist that I have presented to you. I give you my sincerest thanks for reading my works so far. Of course don’t think that I’m not going to write anymore, this is just the beginning! I actually have another subject to write about as I am writing this part, so stay tuned for more! This is Kimiko, LittleMissMii of the gaming world, signing out. Peace!

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